Mindset Warriors

Are you ready become a Healthy Habit Mindset Warrior?

If you've come this far, I know that you've been thinking about making important lifestlye changes.  When you say yes to YOU- to the next chapter in your story - you are elevating yourself.  And, I can help you to move beyond your current lifestyle patterns.  In the course, you'll gain  deep insights & fundamental tools & techniques that can progressively shift you into healthier habits.  Path to become a Mindset Warrior: 

  • 1 free-initial 60-minute consult with me
  • 5 methods for transforming automatic habits into new behaviors
  • 5 group classes; beginning 12/28/2021@ 6:30 PM EST (via zoom)
  •  Life-time access to a private group for you to evolve through courageous conversations, lessons, questions, & connections

My job is to give you access to this heartfelt Thanks GIVING opportunity.  Your job is to choose.  Whatever you decide is perfect because I want the ladies who are ready to elevate themeselves.  You can make two equal payments of $97.50 (1st by 11/30/21; the 2nd by 12/27/22. For payment in full, $195, you'll receive an additional 30-min. private coaching session upon completion of this course.  After you register, check your email for next steps!  


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