Zoom "Bookinar"

Weigh Less & Live More with 7 Key Practices Far Beyond the Plate

Event Date:  November 15, 2021 @ 7:00pm - 8:00PM EST

After my pregnancy, I spent two decades struggling to achieve a healthy weight. I wanted to feel better in my clothes and physically.  My back acked, I suffered from acid reflux, and more.  I tried everything; including low-carb, hypnosis and a plan with pills prescribed by a weight loss doctor!  But like most dieters, my weight went up and down like a yo-yo.

When my health became life threating, I got the support I needed to save my life.  I shed 115 pounds, reversed my insulin resistance and ditched meds for high blood sugars, cholesterol, and blood pressure; as well as all those symptoms.  

My journey to a sustainable success compelled me to want to help others.  I wrote a book because I wanted to share my discoveries with people across the globe. When my readers win, I feel like I've won!  So, I'm inviting you to my 3-year celebratory event. You'll get tons of value; not in my book!  When you sign up for this book-inar, I'll send you info on next steps!  And, feel free to request a free 60-minute coaching session with me before or after the event.  No strings attached. 

Michele Jazzalyn | Health & Life Coach makehealthyfit.coach




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