Pack Healthy Snacks, Fuel Your Body, and Win the Day

Reusable Bag & Guide to Healthy Snacking!

Healthy snacking is essential to keeping our bodies properfly fueled.  

I always keep snacks with me to prevent becoming moody and “hangry”!  After years of using a variety of snack bags, I chose to design one that was healthy for me, the planet, and easily portable! 

As a woman who had to transform her relationship with food, I learned that not all healthy foods are created equal.  That’s why I felt strongly that you needed to know which snack foods can help you win the day!  You'll receive a handy, poster-sized info-graphic that includes research-backed snack recommendations and tips.

Upon receipt of your order, we will email you to ask about your the ribbon color choice for your bag ( fuschia or lilly pad green.)  If we do not here from you withing three days, we will choose for you.  

We will also begin to send you relevant content, invitations, promotions, and anything else that we believe will be supportive.  If at any point you want us to stop emailing you, please just respond to one of the messages, and we will make sure it is your last.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

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